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Still available: 2 and 4.

This necklace carries a big antique pendant, the pendants are selectively collected in Barcelona. We sell a few variations such as vintage bells and figures of the virgin Maria and Jesus. Wear it as a necklace or give it a spot on the wall as an interior object.


Background information about the virgin Maria pendant:

The big pendants with the image of Maria on it, are not like the typical famous Maria pendants where she is surrounded by rays of light (called the Miraculous Medals, a concept dating back to 1830, envisioned by nun Catherine Leboure in Paris). Yet, these bigger pendants are there to bring safety, guidance and luck.


Background information about the rosary ring pendant:

This ring was used as a tool to count the number of prayings and to stay present.


Made out of steel and polyester cord.

Length of cord is 33 cm and pendants are approximately 3-6 cm.

Please note that the pendants are vintage and perfectly imperfect.



To order:

Sent the number + your address to

We will sent you a payment link. 

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