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Holy Pendant Big


This is our archive of souvenirs. Check our instagram story highlight for availability.


Beige Ceramic Botijo

Crochet Handkerchief

Antique brooch

We love to collect objects and shape our own nostalgic world of dreams. For us, its important to be able to hold and touch something, the tangible. 

By looking for objects or materials to create the souvenirs from we let ourselves guide by our 

intuition and wait until something grasps our attention. 

We try to create ceremonial objects that will trigger to do existing, or even, new rituals. 

With ntn_6 souvenirs we focus on interior objects, jewelry, accessories, clothing and ceremonial objects. 

A curation of heartfelt little treasures with a unique life behind them and an even greater life in front of them.

A key requirement for our products is that it is lasting and unique, products you can treasure for life. Next to that, 70% of the materials we use are vintage and deadstock. This way we create as little environmental impact as possible, we breathe new life into old products & materials and bring you something unique.


If the product contains any historical, cultural or religious symbolism we will always do our best to explain the background information as best as possible. Our mission is to tell stories together with people over the whole wide world.

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